World Cup Athletes Train With an Entrepreneurial Mentality, Explains Pan Atlantic

This year’s World Cup games kicked off with an exciting start, with underdogs like England and Croatia are performing way above expectations and inspiring millions of World Cup Fans. Pan Atlantic and CEO Justin Cobb have been following the games and they compare the similarities to training as an entrepreneur and as an athlete in the World Cup games, both with sheer commitment and a winners attitude. Pan Atlantic trains entrepreneurs with the same competitive and consistent drive as an athlete, they strategize and create successful game plans, pour passion into team meetings and develops their entrepreneurs and helps them see straight past their limitations.

Live For The Win

While a World Cup championship is a long-term goal, it’s the little wins in the lead-up that count as well as the delayed gratification.


It’s not failure that will define a great athlete or salesperson, it’s how they react to those failures and move forward.

Dream Team

As an athlete, your role in the team constantly shifts – you’re asked to take the lead, drive performance, or simply fall into line behind someone else. This makes athletes invaluable to their company.

Leaders Of The Pack

5% of Fortune 500 Companies have CEO’s that played a college sport. Athletes have learned and developed leadership traits from an early age and it comes naturally for them to try and pass them on to their co-workers.
Athletes, football players, coaches, and entrepreneurs all train vigorously to increase and maintain their performance. At Pan Atlantic, we know that a successful entrepreneur must practice and learn more about their field, build habits to enhance their performance, keep a positive attitude and they must always outwork everybody else and consistently hit targets.

Pan Atlantic CEO Justin Cobb Takes On Talking Big

This month CEO of Pan Atlantic, Justin Cobb has had the pleasure of opening seminars as key speaker in the Northeast and Southeast regions of the US. Traveling from NYC to stand in front of his business partners and mentees, Justin set the pace with his infectious energy and passion while on stage in front of hundreds who attended.

For Justin Cobb travel is a perk of the job, it’s always been a dream of his, and now he gets to take his family along with him, and they have seen and done so much already this year, and still they have a trip of a lifetime to come. Justin, his wife Randa, and their two children will be taking a round trip from NYC. First stopping in the home of Big Ben and the Royal Family, over to Eritrea for culture and family, then via the pyramids in Cairo to end up in Russia catching the World Cup Final, before stunning scenery in Switzerland and then touch down back to NYC. Ticking off some serious bucket list moments, Justin Cobb has created a successful career for himself and has the lifestyle he has always dreamed about.

During his opening speeches at the Northeast and Southeast seminars, Justin talks about dreams, and how important it is to talk about them all the time, give them life through talking about them, never make them seem small or impossible, the key to achieving them is by talking big. Justin Cobb would always talk about one day having a family and traveling the world together while running a successful organization, and he never hid his dream from anyone, nor was he afraid to talk about it before he even had it yet. Justin Cobb says “The most significant lesson I learned when I started out in the business world was being able to talk big again. Being around other entrepreneurs and businesspeople who had great goals and ambitions, gave me back the ability to dream again, to talk big again, and know that I can do something. This reminded me that I had stopped talking about my dreams out of fear of doubt or of the possibility of pushing people away, but for what? All successful people talk about their goals because giving them energy gives them life, and so I re-realized the power of talking big. But of course, a person has to be prepared to put in the actions as much as they can talk.”

Pan Atlantic Attend Annual Awards Ceremony in the Royal Albert Hall of London

Spring and summer time are always jam-packed full of events for Pan Atlantic and CEO Justin Cobb, and his social calendar is always found bursting with scheduled networking events, client meetings, family and friends get-togethers and most importantly, the annual industry awards ceremony held in the heart of London. Once again Justin flew to London to attend this iconic event in the industry and congratulate his business partners and their teams on the recognition of their results and hard work.

Held at the infamous and prestigious Royal Albert Hall, with an impressive indoor fire display, a technical light show and a room dressed to the nines, this year’s awards ceremony tops the previous. Our CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic says “Our events team planned the whole thing and truly outdid themselves, the evening was a true representation of how far our organisation has come and what we can achieve now.”

With multiple guest speakers in attendance, including Justin Cobb himself, the winners of this year’s awards were spoilt for rewards as they had the fantastic opportunity to network with the speakers throughout the event and afterwards during the three-hour cocktail reception. “Once a year we award hard working individuals who are going through their initial training and working their way towards promotion. And only at this event can they stand on stage and accept awards from the Vice Presidents in our organisation, because of this the event is a very special occasion for all in attendance and this is why so much detail goes into the planning, and the presentation” explains Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic.

Pan Atlantic Explain Why Investing In People Will Create A Positive Return

Life is a full circle, and everything gets returned. Besides being used mostly in philosophic or spiritual practices, this motto is true in reality in the most basic form, for example, how we help others in life, will determine how others treat us back. So CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic uses this motto in business, and he believes that it works the same whether it’s colleagues, clients, customers or investors, etc.

CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic has been personally training and developing business owners and entrepreneurs for most of his career, and he says, “most people assume that businesses grow by investing more money into an already existing one. However, I believe that people are the number one cause of growth and success of any company.” In this world, sadly, people are so quick to strip others of their confidence and doubt their abilities, plans and ideas, universally we all recognize this, so what are the most valuable things a mentor can give to his students? People need faith, encouragement, and trust to thrive. For any CEO who invests in his workers in the same way, rather than only invest in the business, he will see the return on investment, as the cycle completes and those people later return skills, dedication, and loyalty to the company, which ultimately helps it to grow.

Everything we say and do determines what’s going to happen to us in the future, and it is the basic understanding of how the law of cause and effect works. So a good question to ask yourself would be, what do you want your future to look like? What kind of person would you like to be? How do you want people to treat you in your job? By recognizing this early on, you will come to understand that you need to be putting in positive actions that will, in turn, create positive reactions in the future.

Photo by from Pexels

Pan Atlantic CEO Closes Speaking Event In Chicago

Public speaking is top amongst Justin’s fortes, as a practiced speaker, CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic takes these opportunities to make a memorable and educated impact on those in the audience. Recently, Justin Cobb traveled to Chicago to speak at a two day conference held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel.

Business partners of Justin Cobb’s traveled from all over the USA to attend the two-day event, consisting of seminars, lunchens and a formal drinks reception at the exclusive Fountainview & Chi East; non stop networking for everybody. “As always, it was a pleasure to speak in front of those who are not only business partners but also dear friends of mine. Working together, we have built something significant, and without them, we wouldn’t have these events, these seminars are about them, and organized primarily to give them the continued guidance and inspiration to go on and continue to succeed” explains Justin. Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic makes sure to share his time amongst everybody in attendance, as he moves around the room speaking to his many many business partners. Justin is considered to be a compassionate leader, who honors his word and puts one hundred percent into everything he does.

As the year has gotten underway and the pace has been set, Justin Cobb will be attending many more seminars and conferences like these throughout the year ahead. Having already spoken to crowds in the likes of New York, Chicago and London, as always we look forward to seeing where in the world his knack for public speaking will take him next.

Pan Atlantic Shares 3 Strategies to Remain On Top Of Your Game

John Lennon had said, “It’s fear of the unknown. The unknown is what it is. And to be frightened of it is what sends everybody scurrying around chasing dreams, illusions, wars, peace, love, hate, all that-it’s all illusion. Unknown is what it is. Accept that it’s unknown and it’s plain sailing. Everything is unknown-then you’re ahead of the game. That’s what it is. Right?” For Pan Atlantic, we make it our goal to stay ahead and on top of our game. Leaders cannot be leaders if they are always behind. “Initially, success and results come from starting strong, staying focused and consistent,” says Justin Cobb, Managing Director of Pan Atlantic. We’ve done our research and experimented to see what strategies have helped us. Pan Atlantic has narrowed down the top three methods that we believe have helped us stay on top of our game, and can work for you as well!

Put Responsibilities First

If you’re supposed to save money to buy a car for your commute, don’t waste your money on things you don’t need. When you figure out what’s important and what is not, you are able to put things into perspective. This will help you procrastinate less and keep your focus strong. “Conquer the hardest and most overwhelming tasks first and then put everything else next. Not only will you feel productive, but you’ll evidently notice the changes,” says Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic.

Understand That You’re Human and Imperfect

The business world is filled with different tools and variables. Nothing is the same and most times the strategies implemented are trial and error. If you have been trying really hard to stay on top, but haven’t seen results, you can learn from what’s not working. Each mistake counts because it leads you closer to seeing what works. Analyze your error and figure out what to do next and better.

Be Realistic

Human beings aren’t built like robots. We’re filled with emotional, personal and other needs. If you overwork yourself, as though you are a robot, you will burn out rather than a candle. Know the limit between healthy and not healthy. If you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe. Back up and put your health first. Pressure is a strong factor that leads to burning out. Success takes time and a balance, understand that.


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